Wink & Lutron

So as we know the Wink Hub supports Lutron Caseta devices.  That’s cool, but Lutron makes a lot of other automation devices.  It’s sad we can’t use some of them…

So let’s take a look around in the Lutron database located in /database/lutron-db.sqlite

If we look at the DeviceInfo table, we can see that there are 35 device types listed including many of the RadioRa2 devices, other types of shades, and more…  what’s a Super Pico?

Next, we see there is a table called SupportedDevices.  What’s this, a WHITELIST?!  And only 13 out of the 35 possible devices on it!?

Well, let’s find out.  First we try to add an RRD-6D dimmer using

aprontest -a -r lutron

Nothing happens.

Now let’s go back into the database and insert the DeviceInfoID for RRD-6D (which is 1) into the SupportedDevices table.  Reboot to adopt the changes.

So once again, …

aprontest -a -r lutron

Hold down the button on the RRD-6D and what do you know…. we have an RRD-6D dimmer paired to our wink hub.  It shows one attribute, level, and works just like we’d expect.

Well that is very promising.  We may be able to add keypads, aux repeaters, relay modules, etc…  with our modified whitelist.  Of course they aren’t exactly the cheapest devices to get a hold of and we may run into limitations since the software could be lacking for certain aspects of these unsupported devices, but can’t win ’em all.

What else do we see in the Lutron database?

Essentially, the Lutron subsystem inside the Wink Hub appears to be more or less a Caseta Smart Bridge (Pro) running on shared hardware.  And of course it is easy to guess what the difference between the Pro and standard Smart Bridge is (*cough*whitelist*cough*).  The Caseta Smart Bridge, then, appears to be based on the Clear Connect Gateway which Lutron makes for AMX and explains why all those RA2 devices descriptions exist in the database.

Another interesting table is BusinessRules.  Inside we find properties MaxNumberOfDevices 50 and MaxNumberOfRepeaters 1.  So maybe these could come in handy if we build a large network of Lutron devices assuming we don’t run into other memory constraints.

Until next time…

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